The Raleigh Immigrant Community keeps busy to work toward our goals. Below is a description of our current activities. For more information on individual events, check out our blog!

  • Community action meetings for RIC members to plan activities and address issues in the community, as well as to strengthen support network for newly arrived refugees
  • Health and mental health workshops in partnership with UNC Refugee Mental Health and Wellness Initiative
  • Community resource trainings and workshops from partnering individuals and organizations in the area (Latino Community Credit Union, City of Raleigh, Habitat for Humanity)
  • Meetings with local and state government officials to partner in improving the integration experience for refugees in Raleigh (see more)
  • Cultural celebrations to promote pride in our culture among our community and youth (see World Refugee Day)
  • Assistance for new refugees in navigating how to apply for jobs and enroll in ESL, GED, and community college classes
  • Educating the larger public about refugee experiences in North Carolina through sharing our stories with the media (listen to the podcast we participated in!)