The mission of Raleigh Immigrant Community, Inc. (“RIC”) is to facilitate the social and economic empowerment of refugees and immigrants in North Carolina by:

  • Enabling and promoting refugee and immigrant wellness and integration into society in the areas of housing, education, and employment;
  • Encouraging and enabling Members to secure an education and academic credentials in order to take control of their future;
  • Equipping Members with information and skills to better enable them to secure employment;
  • Aiding Members in achieving home ownership so as to facilitate wealth building;
  • Fostering the unity and development of refugee and immigrant communities;
  • Motivating Members to learn the positive aspects of the American culture;
  • Celebrating the cultural heritage of refugee and immigrant communities and promoting cultural pride in immigrant youth
  • Organizing informational workshops, forums, and discussion groups to foster Members’ intellectual development and knowledge of community resources;
  • Encouraging civic engagement among refugees and immigrants
  • Pursuing and promoting cultural exchanges with local institutions and organizations; and
  • Promoting collaboration and partnerships with local and international organizations to achieve objectives.

In addition, it is the mission of RIC to give back to the United States of America by supporting and undertaking projects which will make a positive contribution to the greater community and serve our nation.